After several years Bricolage at ASC is still going strong. We are on the 1.10 series in production and ASC still offers up a VM image from time to time. Bricolage itself is pushing towards a 2009 major revision release.

The main site is filling out nicely. We are up to Bricolage 1.8.6. We are using an LDAP authentication patch for Bricolage. We have a working news site with RSS feeds. The computing services site has a downloads page that is seeing some light use. We need to fix our javascript menu system, spiders can't crawl it thus far. We need to hone down some image sizes as well.

Our main site is now live and managed with Bricolage. There is plenty of work to be done, but our first cut is pretty good, and functional. We are on Bricolage version 1.8.3. We have submitted another minor patch, dealing with Date: headers in email alerts.

Bricolage version 1.8.2 has some small Adams State College patches submitted by yours truly, (yay). A minor configuration fix for SFTP publishing and a Mandrake Linux README file. We will continue to contribute patches to Bricolage as time permits and we begin using the software more. As we develop any worty templates I will make them available and submit them to the Bricolage project.

After a lot of testing and research we have decided to install and use Bricolage as our main content management system. Our Bricolage install will run all of the main top level web sites. We are going full bore to get some of our existing sites content into the bricolage system and start publishing.