Hello, I'm the Manager of Network and Systems Administration here at Adams State University.

I graduated from ASC, now ASU in 1992 with a double major in Mathematics with a Computer Science Emphasis and Physics. At that time the campus had no internet access and ran on AT&T StarLAN equipment, 3B2 and 80386 UNIX System V servers, with 8086 and 80386 DOS workstations. I married Christy, in the Summer of 1992 and followed her to Tucson so she could attend graduate school.

I now have 23 years of experience in network and systems administration. I have worked in Biotechnology, Electronics Manufacturing, Medical Billing, Web Hosting, and Higher Education(UA, UNI, and currently Adams State).

Along the way I have supported Novell Netware, Windows NT, and UNIX environments including SGI, IBM, DEC, SUN, BSD, SCO, and Linux systems. I have also managed many different network technologies and systems. Currently I manage a team of Systems and Network Administrators for Adams State.

Since around 1996 I have increasingly relied on FOSS to accomplish increasingly mission critical tasks. I and my employers have not been disappointed.

It's a brave GNU world out there. Let's keep Adams State relevant in the current age of disruptive technologies by fostering an advanced computing environment which includes easy access to low cost free and open source software and hardware.

When I am not annoying my coworkers by expounding upon and implementing free software philosophies, I enjoy the great outdoors, occasional computer gaming, home brewing, and spending time with my wife and daughter. More recently we have lots of fun riding around in our Pinzgauer.